Some fantastic work been done by some of the lovely ladies who order hair from our store recently!

These dreads have been perfectly crafted by these wonderful dreadmakers:

DollyLox, Plastikated Cyanide hairfalls, Anemi Khold Synthetic Dreads

Thanks to them for sending in these pics! Go like their pages!!

Hair used is Cyberloxshop Classic, Phantasia and Infintique range!

We have Jazzy brand kanekalon jumbo braid restocks in

#2 Darkest Brown
#4 Medium Brown
#6 Ash Brown
#8 Medium Ash Brown

Find them all here:

If you order hair supplies from our store, please link us to your Tumblr page as we’d love to see what you make! :D

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Looks like our Red Web Metallic Cyberlox! :D Awesome!

Looks like our Red Web Metallic Cyberlox! :D Awesome!

(via luniy)

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We have restocks!

Large sized Aqua/Cocoa metallic stripe tubular crin is now back in stock!
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Also, LA Trend Kanekalon jumbo braid is back in colours #18 Mid Golden Brown and #1001A White blonde! Great for braiding, dreadmaking, twists, cornrows and much more!

Add that to the other colours of jumbo braid we carry and you got a hella’ lot of hair. :D

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Want to know more about our stunning new Infinitique kanekalon jumbo braid range?

Of course you do! :)

Colours which react to UV light in our brand new Infinitique range of kanekalon jumbo braid are:

Medium reactivity:

Bright Orange

Bright Pink

Bright Red

Passion fruit

Bubblegum Pink

Bright UV reactivity:

Electric Banana

Electric Lime

Only from Cyberloxshop:

We ship to every country in the world, so don’t be shy! Come try our store today! We have over 300 available colours of jumbo braid in store, so you’ll receive the most choice around!

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Last batch of colours from our brand new low heat resistance kanekalon jumbo braid range, the Infinitique range! But don’t fret, just choose your favourite!

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We have a great range of colours, enjoy and please share with your friends! Thanks guys!

Oooooh! Check out our ‘Passion fruit’ blended jumbo braid!

This range seals in hot water!

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And more Infinitique kanekalon jumbo braid colours!

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More Infinitique kanekalon jumbo braid colours!

Introducing 47 Stunning new low heat resisitance kanekalon jumbo braid colours!

The Cyberloxshop Infinitique range!

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The Cyberloxshop team